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Revolutionary Car Credit is Cleveland's #1 Choice.
  1. Get approved in and driving in an hour. Fast and easy.
  2. We reward great customers.
  3. We can help you improve your lifestyle.
  4. Our company thinks long term and provides the best value in used cars for those that have bad credit.
  5. Transparency- Down payments are low and terms all posted on internet- no surprises when you arrive.
The 'highest standard' of sub prime car credit and car leasing.
  • No credit check with valid license
  • We safety check our cars so you are happy.
  • We have few rejections!
  • Relaxed environment, no pressure.
  • We have great, reliable cars.
  • 27 years as a dealer, longer than the rest.
  • We can upgrade your car easier than a typical dealer Only a 3 year obligation/ term We offer reliable cars because we want your referrals.
  • We have our service facility at the dealership.
  • We pick you up at your home or work.
  • Our down payments are less than our competition for a car of greater quality.
  • Two year extended warranty available on most cars.
  • We genuinely want you to be better off than when you met us. We enjoy helping people better their lives. That is gratifying.